WF’s 1-month anniversary

Wondering Fair celebrates today its first month! We are thrilled with the global community which is forming around WF, and hope our articles, discussions and media resources help you reflect on various issues and have a place to relax a bit and interact with others.

Today we also reach the mark of 5000 visits to WF, and from many corners of the world. So far WF has received visitors from 52 countries, and while we are excited to start a conversation that includes people from so many different backgrounds, we want to press further and continue to spread the word around. So help us include more people around the table and share WF with friends.

As an 1-month anniversary bonus, we are happy to welcome the newest member of Wondering Fair’s team of regular contributors: Madi Simpson. We are thrilled to welcome you, Madi, and excited to see how Wondering Fair keeps on evolving in the coming months.


5 responses to “WF’s 1-month anniversary

  1. This is a fantastic website – you are all so well informed and thought-provoking. Congratulations on completing your first month so successfully!

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