Wondering Fair at 30,000

Wondering Fair starts off 2011 with 30,000 visits! From elephant art to the problem of evil, from sex and politics to a spirituality of beauty, WF has sought to convey a thoughtful, dialogging voice on matters of life and faith in the internet. We are thrilled with our first months in 2011, and would like to thank you for being part of this journey. Here are a few ways you can contribute to our conversation and make Wondering Fair even better in 2011!

Help us spread the word: we would love to extend our Wondering Fair community even farther. You could help us make WF useful for more people by recommending it or specific articles at Facebook, for example. Or you may be talking with friend about spiritual matters, and a WF article could help to express some insight or drive the conversation further, so shoot him/her a link.

Send us feedback and suggestions: what do you like best about Wondering Fair, and what can we do better? Is there a specific issue you would like to see addressed? A good blog we could link with? You can write in the comment areas or to wonderingfair@ymail.com.

Write an article: if you feel compelled about the way we try to dialog with culture and discuss spiritual matters, and you have an insight or perspective to share, consider crafting an article for WF! There are regular contributors to start the conversation, but we would love to see greater interaction among everyone, so give it a shot.

In order to not finish this post without giving folks something to think about, here are a couple useless quotes:

“The ability to quote is a serviceable substitute for wit.” Somerset Maugham
“Humor is a reminder that no matter how high the throne one sits on, one sits on one’s bottom.” Taki

René Breuel


2 responses to “Wondering Fair at 30,000

  1. We just want to thank you all for such an innovative website – the contributors cover so much of real interest and importance. We recommend Wondering Fair to all our family and friends.

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