Reframing our lives and stories

To find an unexpected treasure is one of humanity’s central archetypes. Be it the chest of gold in pirates fables, be it discovering a fascinating person, an exciting project, or an insight that reframes how we think, we are fascinated with hidden treasures. They quicken the mind and move the heart. Even Jesus compared discovering his Kingdom to finding a treasure buried in an unexpected place.

I write today to share a treasure I discovered recently. It is actually a new expression of a treasure that has enriched me profoundly before–a thoughful theological education–which is in turn an expression of the most fascinating treasure I have ever found: the treasure Jesus talks about, his gospel. This new expression is a course that has been so well put together that it made me stand again in awe at God’s sweeping story of redemption of the world.

This course is called ReFrame. It is a 10-episodes series of 35-minutes long videos articulating the biblical story and how it impacts our daily work in the marketplace. Each episode includes a TED-like talk, interviews with leading theologians, and case studies of people living the story out in practice. And all with beautiful art and cinematography.

The central invitation is to help us reframe (hence the name) our lives, worldviews and work in light of God’s great story. I have watched the whole course and can’t wait to use it as a discipleship and faith-work resource. ReFrame has been put together by Regent College, which is where I and several other Wondering Fair contributors have studied.

So my invitation today is to invite you to take a look. Watch the trailers, there are two free episodes too. I’m glad to help spread the word, not only because the course itself is a treasure, but mostly because it helps us reframe our lives in light of the greatest Treasure of all.

René Breuel


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