Wondering Fair at 100,000!

The internet can be a restless place. I often find myself wandering, eager to feel an enlivening presence on the other side of websites and articles. I start the day with news websites to help me feel connected to the wider world: cultural trends, economic crises, wars and rumors of wars. I open my Facebook account and catch up a bit with friends. I read about politics or sports and feel entertained and part of epic battles. I open my email account, eager to return to work and dreading the long list of unanswered emails. If I’m still feeling lazy, I go read some how-to blog or website to feel that I’m at least sharpening a skill here and there.

Still, as my eyes skim paragraphs and process logos, links and pictures, I notice my brain up and running but my soul yawning big time. There is so much to absorb and learn, and yet there is so little that nourishes me. I see events, faces, and products popping up unannounced, but it is hard to glimpse soul food amidst the online desert.

That is why I’ve been cherishing Wondering Fair so much. I don’t know how you experience it, but for me Wondering Fair is like taking a break with a friend across the table. The article of the day may be a big-picture discussion or a personal story, it may deal with the latest culture development or with  long-gone authors, but at Wondering Fair I feel engaged, nourished, settled. I hear a friend throwing an idea across the table – gracefully, thoughtfully, using words like little gems that shine. I hear ideas that matters, that often cross the line of social conventions and address faith and heart issues with candor, and I can hear the voice and feel the presence behind the words too.

Sometime this week we will celebrate Wondering Fair’s 100,000th visit. Our community has been picking up speed, and now we have about 500 visits a day, from all over the globe. Maybe you’ve just arrived here, or maybe you’ve been with WF since our first days, but thank you for being part of this journey. We’re thrilled that you’ve been around. Feel free to send a suggestion, place a comment or craft a WF article. We hope to keep WF a meeting place online, and we count on you to keep enriching our conversation.

René Breuel


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