Top 5 posts of 2015

Eager to revisit or catch up with some missed insights of 2015? Here’s today’s food-for-thought with the most read Wondering Fair posts in 2015.

1. My Little Ponies Makeover by Jessica Hughes

To cut through the clamor and clutter of other stories and other images, the alternate stories of God and the women who trust him must be recovered, re-envisioned, and retold….before the princesses feast too deeply on our daughters’ hearts.


2. Vikings, Monks, and a Good Old Story by Matt Gray

The History Channel assumes its audience increasingly wants to show contempt for Christianity, and so will empathise with Vikings’ characters. Historically, though, within 100 years of Ragnar, Scandinavia had become profoundly Christian…. That was because, when the Norse worldview was compared to the Christian worldview, the Vikings abandoned their old worldview in droves.

3. God that is as clear as glass by Matt Gray

Rationalism has its place in our society, but when it denies beauty, we instinctively rebel…. Instead, our instinct is a pleasant ache, an anticipation, a hope. Our imaginations try to catch a glimpse, all the while knowing we have to wait. The City of God is the home of the imaginers, the visionaries, the artists, and the hopeful. Blessed are all those who will enter its gates.

4. Do scientists believe in God? by Michael Keller

The spiritual world can be defined a lot of different ways, but at the very least it is the realm where we find values and the reasons for what ought things to look like. It strives to give meaning and purpose, all out of assumptions and presuppositions. It is because of this divide that perhaps we are seeing a new coexisting synergy between science and faith that will likely increase in the coming years.

5. Light and Truth in Rothko Chapel by Paul McClue

Of course, there is plenty of bad Christian art and architecture, just as there is a definite beauty to the Rothko Chapel. But while the latter is constrained by a worldview which obscures light and denies truth, the Christian alternative proclaims Jesus to be the one who is both.

Happy New Year, folks!



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